Planning the 2012 season.

With 2012’s races all semi-finalized, I took advantage of my past two sick days and put together a snap shot of my season with a template spreadsheet that I got from Velonews. I took their basic design and added some detail to personalize it for myself, but I’m grateful to whomever did all the excel work that went into the original.

pic via Velonews.

I saved the file to my computer and went ahead and printed one out to work from. This way I can have a hard copy to draw, erase, and finalize without having to cut/paste and delete from the computer. I like this approach as it gives me a nice snap shot of how my year is going to look as well as giving me a linear timeline of the training time leading up to any event. A quick update to my Google calendar allows me to sync all the dates to my Iphone and allows me to know all the events at a moments notice. No more questioning and wondering if I’m racing that weekend. I can just grab the phone and check it out. This calendar also has a place for me to log my weekly training hours and areas to list my top races as well as my personal goals for the year.

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