A Saturday Spin.

The rain subsided and the fog lifted, allowing me to get out and put in a few miles on the road bike. With temps in the upper 50’s and NOAA saying that it would be 63 soon, I headed west…directly into the head wind. All-in-all the route heads west and then north, allowing some relief when the direction changed from west. Knowing that I’d get to have the tail wind on the way back was motivation enough and realizing that it was just the beginning of February and the legs are coming along nicely made it all the better.

Here’s the ride and some stats and since I can’t figure out the iframe thing on wordpress, I’ll just leave it as a link for now. A decent amount of climbing and a nice 3 hours in the saddle yielded a good training day.

I also had the chance to swing by a trail side pavilion and look at a workstation that was recently donated by my cycling team. Check this thing out.

There’s even a bike pump built into the leg on the lower right. Now as long as the vandals leave it alone, it should provide many years of frustration free riders on the River Trail.

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