The first was the full blown plague form of this years nasty flu virus. I was on the couch for a week and off the bike for a full two weeks.

This time it hit me right after a super-hard workout at the local Kickr studio here in Little Rock. I’ve been off the bike for 4 days this time, with a long slow zone 1 ride planned for tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ve done my time, and honestly this is the first time I’ve been back-to-back sick in my adult life. It’s a bummer though to see friends post their Strava rides while your at home hacking and sniffling. Beautiful weather increases the angst by a factor of 100.

The down time today did allow me to apply for my USAC background check and do the SafeSport training module. I took the Level-C coaching class and test last week and was able to work a race on Sunday as a referee. I enjoyed it for the most part and will be a good way to give back to the local cycling community a bit. I’ll never actively compete on the road again, but by being an official I can still be in on the action.051

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