Elbow Grease.

Removing the glue from tubular rims, what could be more fun? I scored a tube of this from the big A for $20.

I’d seen a few reviews on it, and the guys on Bike Shop CX had mentioned that they were interested in giving it a go, so it was expecting great things.

It’s red color and thick consistency, like shampoo, allows you to see where you’re applying and it stays in place once brushed on. The directions say the magic might take anywhere from 3 hrs to 12, so since it was Sunday, I got the wheels all glipped up, and went out for a ride.

I started checking them around the 3 hour mark, and it was visibly softening, and by hour 8 it was pretty soft, but I still couldn’t “wipe it right off,”

Time is obviously something that this product requires, and I forgot to mention this earlier, but I did all of this indoors, as the product has no super-scary chemical plant smell. There is a scent, but it’s light and according to the instructions, doesn’t come with the hazards that acetone and naphtha have.

In the end your wait will be rewarded, but if you want to set up shop outside, and knock it out in an hour or two, there are better options available. If you’d rather work on them bit by bit, over the course of a day, then check out the Maripossa. It’s strong point is that it does work eventually, and you don’t have to wear a respirator or use it outside. Me? Well I’ll stick to a stronger solvent.

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