Turning the page.


Come and gone, another year slides into history, and we embark on the cleansing that’s provided by a new year of hope, ambition, and goals. 2018 was a good one on the cycling front. I did a ton of rides all over the nation. I got to meet people from all over the world that came to Bentonville for the sole purpose of riding their bikes in the Ozarks. I got my ass kicked by some of the finest gravel racers the Northeast has, and hopefully at least one person up there is saying the same thing about me. CX, CX, CX. I raced more CX races than ever, and had a large amount of success, culminating at CX Nationals. The experience alone was well worth the trip to Louisville, and the chance to be among thousands of CX fans was amazing. I got to spend hours upon hours with friends, whether to and from races, group rides, or just running into them over a cup of coffee. This year my goals will take me right up to the edge of elite CX, have me riding more with friends and family, take me once again across the US in search of cycling adventure, and provide one thing that it always has, the clarity and peace that can only come from riding a bike. Thanks for reading.


Another year that will proudly be fueled by Tailwind Nutrition.

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